Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in purchasing, but what does California Sweet Sauce taste like?

That is a great question because it doesn't taste like anything we've tried before. It has a deep, rich sweetness that goes with anything savory and lacks the superficial taste that usually accompanies ketchup or BBQ sauce.

How do I use California Sweet Sauce?

You can use California Sweet Sauce for almost everything. We originally were going to call it a ketchup, but we quickly found out the versatility and taste of California Sweet Sauce was superior to any sort of ketchup. You can use Sweet Sauce as a dip, pasta sauce, marinade, stir fry sauce, and a lot more. If you've found a great recipe, let us know! Corbett's personal favorite recipe is meatloaf made with California Sweet Sauce!

Is California Sweet Sauce gluten-free?

California Sweet Sauce is gluten-free and since Corbett is allergic to gluten himself, he personally ensures the sauce is not contaminated. However, California Sweet Sauce is not yet certified gluten-free since the costs of certification are too high for the little company we are.

Is Califorina Sweet Sauce vegan-friendly?

California Sweet Sauce contains honey which come from bees. Whether or not you should eat it depends on your personal interpretation of veganism, since some vegans eat honey and others do not.

Is it too sweet?

Honey is very sweet and the high quality honey we use makes that very clear. If you find the sauce too sweet, try cooking it in a recipe! Heat releases acid from the tomatoes so it'll add that extra tang you may be looking for.